December 2023 | 2024 Rates; NRECA President Tony Visits

Posted: December 4, 2023 at 8:50 a.m.

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Electricity rates for 2024 will experience an increase, predominantly attributed to elevated prices of natural gas and coal, the primary sources of SEMO Electric Cooperative’s electricity generation. Furthermore, this change will be influenced by inflation-induced cost increments related to essential components such as poles, transformers, wires, and other infrastructure required to maintain a seamless flow of electricity and fiber services. We anticipate that this rate adjustment will result in a monthly increase around $5-7 for the majority of residential members. As of press time (October 26), we were still finalizing budgets. Visit for the cooperative’s rate schedule. We appreciate your support and trust as we push forward.
NRECA President Tony Anderson paid a special visit to SEMO Electric Cooperative. This visit holds significant importance, as in the cooperative’s 85-year history, it marks only the second time a NRECA president has visited. The first visit occurred back in February 2019 when Phil Carson made his appearance. Tony and I have forged a friendship over the past few years, sharing common backgrounds, such as our upbringing in trailer courts, ties to farming through our grandparents, experiences of relocating for job opportunities, and our deep passion for serving others. We often engage in conversations whenever we cross paths. A few months ago, I extended an invitation to southeast Missouri, and he, along with his wife Mary, made this journey. Our day commenced with an early 6 a.m. meeting, during which we embarked on a three-mile walk around the Drury Inn at Miner. For more details about Tony’s visit, see page 12 of this section. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Mary and Tony for their valuable time and visit as there are more than 900 electric cooperatives across the United States.

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Sean is the CEO/GM of SEMO Electric Cooperative and GoSEMO Fiber.