September 2023 | Team SEMO = Juice + Fiber

Sept Blog

by Sean Vanslyke –

Greetings! As the deadline for this column drew near, several thoughts crossed my mind that I'm eager to share. Here are some concise updates for you.

Electricity: Unpredictable summer storms, like the EF-2 tornado in late July near Bertrand on Highway 532, highlight the importance of preparedness. Team SEMO's response and collaboration with first responders was commendable. Let's all have a plan to stay safe during severe weather and power outages.

August 2023 | Goodbye Karen; Go Caleb

Brad, Karen and Caleb

by Sean Vanslyke –

Congratulations to Team SEMO's Karen Barnhart who retired after 22 years at SEMO Electric Cooperative. During her career, Karen worked in several departments and supported her co-workers in many ways. She understood how member information flowed in the computer system and could find information quickly. We wish Karen and her husband Jim the best as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

June 2023 | Trimming Helps Reliability


by Sean Vanslyke –

Providing reliable power to you is and will always be top priority for SEMO Electric Cooperative. These days, power reliability seems to be making news more than ever.

As the energy industry continues to transition and more segments of the economy are becoming electrified, such as vehicles, machinery and even lawn equipment, additional pressures are being placed on our nation’s electric grid.

April 2023 | Life is a Team Sport

KC Wolf

By Sean J. Vanslyke |

Last September, I mentioned Dan Meers in this column. I said if things go well, KC Wolf would make an appearance to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs in February's Super Bowl in Arizona. A few weeks later, we booked Dan Meers as a guest speaker for a training event for Team SEMO on February 20, 2023. Wow. When Dan showed up in Sikeston, he was eight days removed from winning the Super Bowl! He is a man of character and could have easily said I am exhausted.